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Cloud Dome, Inc.

Nimbus Dome for Jewelry Photography

What is a Cloud Dome?

Cloud Dome is revolutionary line of photography products, each one specifically designed to make you a better and faster product photographer.
  • Dome Hand The Original Cloud Dome - Natural diffused lighting every time without the hassels. With Cloud Dome, product photography is a breeze.
  • Nimbus Dome The Nimbus Cloud Dome - Now you can take amazing product photographs with your smartphone or tablet and update your website on the fly.
  • Infinity Boards Cloud Dome Photography Backgrounds - Give your product photography the professional look with our high quality backgrounds
  • white-2light-148x148.jpg Cloud Dome Photography Lighting - Lights, reflectors and other accessories proven to help you get the most out of your Cloud Dome. Photography Lighting

Who Uses Cloud Dome?

Lightweight and easily portable, the Cloud Dome is the perfect accessory for any photographer of any skill level. Cloud Dome products make it easy to quickly achieve the highest quality digital photographs without the headache.
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Jewelry
  • Stamps
  • Items to sell via online auctions
  • Fossils
  • Documents, stocks, bonds
  • Artifacts
  • Gems and minerals
  • Circuit boards
  • Foliage
  • Structural damage
  • Items to be patented or insured
  • Forensic pathology
  • Archeological sites
  • Evidence
Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones CD-NIMSP For use with any newer Smartphone $79.00

Nimbus Cloud Dome Kit CD-NIMSP-KIT The Nimbus Cloud Dome Kit $149.00

Cloud Dome with Universal Bracket CD-UNI Cloud Dome Universal $169.00

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