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5500K Flip Light

$29.00 15-SB5500

Cloud Dome Full Color Spectrum 5500K Flip Light

Product Information for 5500K Flip Light

We suggest that you have at least two of these flip lights for additional lighting options. These folding diamond grading lights with compact fluorescent bulbs are the perfect light to use with the Cloud Dome.

The flip light can be used for photography and crafts. The true color reduces eye strain and provides indoor sunlight.

* Automatic shut-off when closed
* Energy Efficient 13 watt compact Fluorescent Bulb 5500k
* Daylight balanced bulb * 10,000 hours bulb life
* True white crisp color for more details
* Compact and portable
* Measures 12″ H x 6″ W x 11″ D when closed (off)
* Measures 19″ H x 6″ W x 11″ D when opened (on)


Detailed description for 5500K Flip Light

Bright natural daylight indoors with this convenient full spectrum desk lamp. Shade tilts to open and close, and activates the on/off switch so lamp is always off when shade is down. Compact base size fits easily on most desks and workstations. Matte black

Product Specs:
Height 10-3/5"
Color Black