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Cloud Dome-Basic Jewelry, Coin and Bead Kit

Product Information for Cloud Dome Basic Jewelry, Coin and Bead Kit

Cloud Dome-Basic Jewelry Kit is portable and convenient — an idea brought to life by an enterprising jewelry artist and her weather-loving father. It’s the simplest way for anyone to take professional-quality digital photographs without complicated lighting.

The Cloud Dome-Basic Jewelry Kit is a popular combination for taking pictures of small objects such as coins, jewelry and beads.

The Kit includes:
• Large Cloud Dome
• Choice of Bracket
• Cloud Dome 7 inch extension collar
• Cloud Dome Angled Extension Collar
• 6 Cloud Dome Frosted Risers
• Four Background Pads, Translucent, White, 18% Gray and Black
• Cloud Dome Domicile Bag
• Museum Putty

5500K Flip Light
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