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Small Cloud Dome Earring Stand

$39.00 CD-DEAR

Small Cloud Dome Earring Stand

Product Information for Small Cloud Dome Earring Stand

Small Cloud Dome Earring Stand

- For earrings larger than 2.5 inches in length we recommend our larger earring/necklace stand.  The larger earring stand can be used with the Nimbus Dome or orginal Cloud Dome.

Easy set up, post or wires fit into adjustable rods. The earring hangs straight and free of the background. Designed to fit under the original Cloud Dome to shoot down into the reflective surface of the Earring Stand for the perfect shot.

Or, use a camera on a tripod to shoot into the Earring Stand. The stand comes with 4 backgrounds including the popular gray gradient. You can cut your own paper to fit the background support for a custom look to your product shots.

Size:7 x 6 x 4 inches

CD-DEAR-EarringStandSansMirror.jpg CD-DEAR-EarringStandwNimbuswCradle.jpgCD-DEAR-EarringStandwTablet.jpg

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