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Julie Glassman

Julie Glassman Fine Art Jewelry
Julie Glassman is an expert jeweler who creates cloisonné enamel jewelry.
She says, “The technique requires up to 35 kiln firings in some more detailed pieces. High karat gold is so forgiving to work with and I love the richness of color.” Her favorite gem stones are sapphire and raw diamond because of their exquisite sparkle appeal. She has such an inventive spirit that shows in her pieces.
When Julie was fourteen years old, she got to solder a ring for the first time. After that she knew that a passion had been lit inside her and decided to pursue a career in jewelry. Julie went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and got a degree in Jewelry and Gems.
Julie takes inspiration from her life’s struggles including her mother’s battle with cancer and conquering her own personal illness.
Her work is a therapy for overcoming all of life’s obstacles. “I take emotional and physical pain and turn it into something beautiful to make myself feel better.”
It’s tough in the business world and “you have to have thick skin”. She feels that part of growth process is moving onward rather than dwelling on rejection from others.


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Julie Glassman has been a customer of Cloud Dome Inc. since 2002. She loves to use the Cloud Dome for her jewelry because “it makes it so easy to photograph many pieces and keep my website up to date”.

Very excitedly, she tells us she is going to upgrade her phone so she can use her Nimbus Dome more to shoot her products.

We asked Julie to impart some wisdom to other artists just starting out and here’s what she said…”Two steps forward, one step back. It is a dance. You are constantly learning and growing. This allows for invention of new ideas and concepts so things don’t go flat.”
What great advice! Julie holds her head up high with her feet firmly planted on the ground and it is illuminated in her creativity and calm strength.

Julie GlassmanShe sells her work at various festivals all over southwest Colorado and has her pieces displayed at Baby Doe Gallery in Golden, Colorado.

Please check out her awe-inspiring collection at:

Website: www.julieglassman.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.julieglassmanjewelry?pnref=story

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mushroom17/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlassEnamelbyJulie?page=6


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