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Nimbus Dome Extenion Collar

Nimbus Dome Extension Collar

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Nimbus Dome Extension Collar with Pad

Product Information for Nimbus Dome Extension Collar

Introducing the all new Nimbus Extension Collar.
This amazing product will help raise the Nimbus Dome an extra 5 inches!  It also extends the diameter to 11 inches and comes with our signature White ABS Background Pad.  Now, you can take pictures of larger objects with your Nimbus Dome.

The top of the collar is edged in Velcro.  We have provided 10 Velcro pieces to attached to the rim of the Nimbus Dome. Please clean the rim of your dome with alcohol before attaching the small Velcro pieces 2 to 2.5 inches apart from each other.  We have provided a small ruler to help equally space the Velcro on the rim.
Place the Nimbus Dome on top extension collar until the Velcro pieces have a firm grip.  Now you are ready to take pictures.