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CL Stand- Clamp Light Base

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Metal Base to hold Clamp Light

Product Information for CL Stand- Clamp Light Base

The CL Stand is a metal .5lbs base for clamp and work lights. It is portable, affordable lighting solution. 

USES of CL Stand and clamp light:
Indoor House Painting
- Photography Light Stand
- Portable light for Showrooms and Traveling Reps
- Garage and working on cars

Directions for attaching clamp light to stand:
1. Squeese clamp light arm until end jaws open.
2. Place jaws over wings and release.
3. Postion light in the direction you want.
4. To remove follow step 1 and lift up clamp light away from CL Stand.

Direction for mounting CL Stand to a wall:

  • Use a stud finder to locate stud and nail CL Stand directly in to wall.
  • Using the CL Stand as a template mark wall and insert Anchor mounts into the wall. Screw CL Stand securely into wall using the Anchor mounts.