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Large Photography Stand

$189.00 CD-15PBASE
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This large photography stand works great with the Large Cloud Dome. Very Similar the the small Studio Stand.

Product Information for Large Photography Stand

Works best with the large Cloud Dome and can be used with the Nimbus Dome.

The stand has a hole in the bottom for light to be pointed up from underneath the object being photographed. Also, the sides of this stand are clear, making it easier to shine light in from the side if desired. The bottom white pegs can be turned to rise the stand up higher. The reflective mirror on the bottom and the translucent top work well together to create a well lit, evenly diffused photographs.

Size:  16.5  x 16.5 inches and 4 inches high
42cm x 42cm  and 10cm high

Material:  Frosted non-scratch Acrylic top and plastic mirror base.

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