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Nimbus Dome for Smartphone Photography

Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones

$79.00 CD-NIMSP
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For use with any Smartphone

Product Information for Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones

Nimbus Cloud Dome (5" high, 8" diameter)

The Nimbus Cloud Dome is an accessory designed to help photographers take professional-looking pictures of jewelry and other small products.

As a smaller version of the original Cloud Dome, the new Nimbus is a portable and durable mini-studio that eliminates harsh shadows and strong specular highlights, helping to create evenly lit product shots of shiny objects - even with a smartphone camera.

"I insisted that it be usable for any cell phone with a close focus camera, which includes most newer smartphones," says co-inventor Dave Burchett. "The Nimbus Dome holds the phone steady and takes clear, non-glare, diffused photographs."

For use with any Smartphone with a close focus camera. The focal distance is around 4.5 inches.

-Professional Photos In Minutes
-Solves Lighting Issues No Reflections
-Holds Securely No Blurry Photos
-Non-Yellowing, Clear White, High Impact Plastic
-No Color Cast

The Nimbus Dome holds the phone and takes clear non-glare diffused photographs.

The Nimbus Dome is small and portable and works very well on location. Even in full sun, the Nimbus Dome softens the light for a great photo.

We recommend using the following Apps with your Smartphone and the Nimbus Dome.
Camera + - You're able to use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can.

SnapSeed-  Makes any photo extraordinary. Easily enhance your photos, add amazing effects, and share them everywhere.

Video for Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones

Video showing using the Nimbus Dome