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Nimbus Dome Horizontal Kit

Nimbus Cloud Dome Horizontal Kit

$169.00 CD-NIM-H-KIT

The Nimbus Cloud Dome Horizontal Kit

Product Information for Nimbus Cloud Dome Horizontal Kit

The Nimbus Cloud Dome Kit includes the:

Nimbus Cloud Dome (5" high, 7" diameter), the Nimbus Cloud Photography Base (8" x 8" x 3.25") and the Nimbus Cradle so you can take photos of jewelry such as necklaces and pendants.

The Nimbus Dome works with all Smartphones; the focal distance is around 4.5 inches. The iPhone, Droid, and Galaxy Note work exceptionally well.

This photography base has been designed to work with the Nimbus Cloud Dome to enhance your lighting options. Add your own light from below the stand for a spotlight effect or add your own light from the open side for uniform backlighting.

Adjustable legs for leveling. Use the clips to position your necklace or pendant either on the uniformly lit background or add additional light for a spotlight effect.

• Professional Photos In Minutes
• Solves Lighting Issues No Reflections
• Holds Securely No Blurry Photos
• Non-Yellowing, Clear White, High Impact Plastic
• No Color Cast


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