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Nimbus Pro Kit

Nimbus Pro Kit

$259.00 CD-NimbusProKit

Nimbus Pro Kit Everything you need for Jewelry Photography with your Smart Phone!

Product Information for Nimbus Pro Kit

Our Nimbus Pro Kit includes all of our popular jewelry accessories designed to complement the Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones.

The Kit includes: 

-The Nimbus Cloud Dome for the Smartphone
-The Studio Stand for increased lighting options 
-The Large Earring Stand with backgrounds
-The Nimbus Cradle for shooting horizontally
-The Cloud Arch for diffusion of light to be used with the Earring Stand
-Compact Nimbus Pro Bag for ease of transport

Bonus Product!
5 inch Extension Collar and 11-inch white background pad. The extension collar allows you to take photographs of larger items up to 10 x 10 inches.
Nimbus Dome Extension Collar

Video for Nimbus Pro Kit

Nimbus Pro Kit Video