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Yes, you can take amazing pictures with your Smartphone.   The Smartphone cameras have improved so much over the last year.
This portable and durable mini-studio is for all small product photography that can fit under the compact dome. A must for all artisans that need to email or prepare high quality photos the Nimbus Cloud Dome solves lighting challenges for reflective surfaces such as jewelry, coins and auction products.

What is a Cloud Dome? Cloud Dome is revolutionary line of photography products, each one specifically designed to make you a better and faster product photographer.

The new Nimbus Cloud Dome which enables you to take amazing product photographs with your smartphone or tablet, updating your website, emailing your clients pictures or sharing your latest creations via Social Media.

Nimbus Dome for Smartphone
Nimbus Cloud Dome for Smartphones CD-NIMSP For use with any Smartphone $79.00

Nimbus Dome with Extension Collar and white pad
Nimbus Dome , Extension Collar, Pad CD-NDECP-KIT

Nimbus Dome with 5 inch extension collar and white background pad.


Nimbus Pro Kit
Nimbus Pro Kit CD-NimbusProKit Nimbus Pro Kit Everything you need for Jewelry Photography with your Smart Phone! $259.00

Nimbus Dome Horizontal Kit
Nimbus Cloud Dome Horizontal Kit CD-NIM-H-KIT The Nimbus Cloud Dome Horizontal Kit $169.00

Nimbus Dome and Studio Base
Nimbus Cloud Dome Kit CD-NIMSP-KIT The Nimbus Cloud Dome Kit $149.00

Gem Flipper CD-GF Ring and Gem Rotating Flipper $19.99

Nimbus Dome Extenion Collar
Nimbus Dome Extension Collar CD-NECOLLAR

Nimbus Dome Extension Collar with Pad


Large Earring and Necklace Stand with Cloud Arch CD-DEAR-ARCH-LARGE

Large Earring Stand with Diffuser Arch



Nimbus Dome Photography Base
Nimbus Dome Photography Base CD-8PBASE

Photography Base, 8 x 8 x 3.25 inches Nimbus Cloud Dome, for Smartphones