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Cloud Dome FAQ

Q: What type of lighting would you recommend?
A: At Cloud Dome we use the Flip Lights and the CF bulbs if we need to suppliment the lighting. Many times ambient light will be adequate for your needs.

Q: How does Cloud Dome work?
A: The Cloud Dome eliminates the need for tripods and elaborate lighting systems. It diffuses lighting for glare-free, evenly lit photos of small reflective objects. The light is concentrated, diffused and the camera is securely held in place for sharp clear photos.
 Q: What is the difference between the Cloud Dome and the Nimbus Cloud Dome?
The Cloud Dome is our original product that was designed for traditional cameras before Smartphones and their high resolution capability. The Cloud Dome is larger than the Nimbus Cloud Dome and has many accessories that enhances your photography studio set-up. Of course one of the beautiful upgrades to the Cloud Dome is the ability to change out to the Universal Ring for Smartphones & Tablets. The Nimbus Cloud Dome was introduced in 2012 to offer the portability of a smaller dome with the great new Smartphone technology. With your Smartphone and the Nimbus Cloud Dome you are able to take photos in minutes and get them on your online stores with ease and little if any retouching right in the field.